October 12, 2004


This is a true story although all names will be omitted to protect the identity of the sad and pitiful...

So, this weekend, Friday night to be exact, a group of friends decided to go to this haunted hay ride/slaughter house/corn field maze for SHITS and giggles. Two of the girls on this venture found everything to be quite scary. First came the hayride, and then the slaughter house tour. While on the slaughter house tour, the two scaredy cat girls were sort of lagging behind the group, with two guys, whom they didnt know directly behind them.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, this mentally challenged man (or at least the first girl in the line of four says he was) covered in blood and cross-eyed and freaky, jumps out of nowhere and scares them. The first girl in the line begins to scream perfusely, but that is not all she did, OH NO! While she was screaming a scream that felt as though it lasted an eternity, she was also letting out a fart that seemed so loud that the walls of the slaughter house began to shake. She didn't know what to do, because she was not only embarassed at the turn of events, but she also felt sympathy for her friend (as well as the two strange guys behind her friend) because her friend was literally right up her butt.

After the fart which seemed to span at least 35 seconds, she hysterically laughing tries to approach her friend on the subject. The friend, which at this point is cracking up as well, informs her that through all the screaming she didn't believe anyone else heard her toot.

So, the moral of this oh so true story is, beware when going to these hauted attractions during the halloween season because you just might get the shit scared out of you, cause "she" almost did!

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October 06, 2004

Raystock 6

Alright, I know the title has already been used, but so what sue me. The time is getting closer and closer, and for some reason my list of things that needs to be done is not getting smaller and smaller like i had hoped it would. First off, the t-shirts are pretty much done, I have to give my final approval on the design which was so kindly made for me by Sammy...he's the man, anyway, I am much pickier then linda and maurice whom always just left the t-shirt decisions up to the designers. I have already had them change things twice, so I'm hoping I will like the new revisions which should be ready for me to check out soon. I hope even more that everyone likes the t-shirts as well.

I do have some things that I must request help on. First off, if anyone would like to make food, let me know. We always need lots of food, and the best part about making something is that it allows you to sit in the band room and eat everyone elses stuff they made all day and drink beer for free if your into that as well. So, seriously, it doesnt matter what you make, JUST MAKE SOMETHING.

Just as important as the food (well almost as important if your going by my standerds) would be volunteers for working at that door. What your job duties would be, is to just take the cover charge from the people, I don't think you have to check I.D.'s. We try to get people to work the front door once and the back door once, and for an hour each time. So, that would be a total of 2 hours out of your day. The bonus for doing the door would be the fact that you get to go in the band room and eat the free food and drink the free beer. See a pattern here?

Finally would be the flyers and the website. I unfortunately can't do either very well. Well, I can't do the website at all. I know that I need to get a list of the bands playing together, as well as their times, and I will have that hopefully very soon, so I guess I am pretty much holding up the website as well as the flyers from being ready. I'm trying my best here, but I'm only one person which is why I'm asking all you wonderful people to help a girl out here.

For those of you who don't already know, or have forgotten, Raystock will be on November 13th, at the Bridgewater Pub in Bridgeton (my new hometown). It will be starting at 2PM and end at 1AM. If there is any other information needed for Raystock purposes, or to satisfy your own curiousity, just ask, and I'll be glad to give you all the info that I have.

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