November 29, 2004

It's About Time!

So, a plan for a trip is in the making. The people are being round up as we speak, as far as who is going on this trip. Once a final count has been tallied, then the agenda will be finalized. Let me just say, I'm so excited...I can't wait. This is a trip long overdue.

Alright, so although the details up to this point are top secret, and I am only asking people if they are in or not, I will give you a little bit of info as to what this trip will be about. First off, it will only be for probably 2-2 1/2 days, it will be a road trip, it will take place the day after Christmas, and our destination is undetermined yet. The object of this trip is to remind us that there is life outside of these little towns we all reside in, and to also enlighten us as to the interesting, and scary things we can find right in this beautiful state of ours, as well as one or a couple of the surrounding states.

If your afraid of knocking on the devils door, or checking haunted or just abnormal things out, then this is not the trip for you.

As humans we tend to get stuck in this routine life of ours, and we miss out on the experiences that later on we will never be able to get back. Instead of spending time with the people who make us laugh, or are just all around good friends doing out of the ordinary things, we stick with the same old comfortable situations, with the same old comfortable people, and we miss out on the things that in the end will create great memories. I am guilty of this as well as the rest of us. But not anymore, and no this new change hasnt started with this trip, but I can honestly say it won't end with this trip either.

So, if what you think your life is meant for is to sit at home with your boyfriend or girlfriend, watching your "shows" together, or renting your movies, or being really daring and going out to dinner and a movie, then more power to ya, but as for me. I'm ready to live my life. It took me 26 years to realize this, with some help from some new/and old but good friends. I'm just glad I am beginning to realize what I want my life to be about.

If your interested in taking this brief but exciting journey...let me know.

ill end this with a quote i picked up somewhere...."get busy living, or get busy dying"


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November 07, 2004

Tick Tock Tick Tock...its almost here

So, Raystock is less than a week away, and I am very excited for it. For all interested, there will be an article about it in the Bridgeton Evening News either tomorrow or Tuesday, so check that out if you can. I have been working very hard on it, and a few things are going wrong, but I think in the end it will all work out, as it usually does.

I am encouraging everyone to try and come out as early as possible and support all the bands that are going to be playing. I feel bad for the bands who because of the luck of the draw have to play early and then they dont have people there to watch them.

Next order of business. I wanted to publicly (sort of) thank the people (very few i might add) that have helped me. First and foremost Kate who not only is gonna be there from beginning to end (what a trooper) but she also took time to post things on websites dealing with South Jersey events which resulted in the Bridgeton Evening News article...To top it all off she is going to either bake or bring cookies for the band room. I must also let it be known that Steph will be contributing to some food in the band room as well.

I also have to give mad respect to my girl Adrienne. She has like been my companion through much of this Raystock process, including hitting up like all the WAWA's we could think of in South Jersey and hanging up flyers, venturing out to Wal-Mart to buy things to make flyers. Going to different bars to try and find gigs for a band playing here from out of town, to make the trip worth while for them. Making food for the band room as well, and just lots of other stuff.

This of course doesnt mean they were the only people that helped me. But they are the ones that are the most deserving of my thanks I believe. Reason being, if i had a problem or wanted an opinion, I know I could ask them no problem. Whereas other people I asked acted like I was troubling them pretty much every time I asked them. Don't worry though, I remember who you are, and when it comes time for favors in return....well, lets just say "do unto others as they do unto you". But unfortunately I am too nice of a person, and I tend to do favors for people even when they are most definately not deserving of them.

Much love has to go to Sammy Santos who for the past two years has helped me out tremendously. If you like the look of the flyers or the t-shirts or even the website from the past two years, well we have him to thank. As well as Charlie for keeping the website going!

Wow, it sounds like I'm making an acceptance speech or something. Seriously though, its been a crazy tough year, and a crazy hard time for me to get this thing together, given the fact that the parents have retired, so keeping this event going has been a task now put on my shoulders. So all the help I get, I am very thankful for. And I'm very thankful to know such good people who are willing to give their time and money and energy and not expect anything in return. See You all next Saturday. November 13th, Bridgewater Pub...Bridgeton from 2 PM-1AM...Rock ON!!! :)

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