December 06, 2004

Take a Little Trip Up to Heaven Tonight

Gay title I know, but when I was thinkin in my head I had to make the post about our trip, thats what popped into my shoot me alright!

So, here is where I want everyone to make their suggestions as to a few places they would like to go. Try and keep it to the PA., NJ, area, for now. We are going to take everyones suggestions, and then pick a couple from each person....and then our geography master John will help us map out the trip in the most logical way, since he knows more about that stuff then the rest of us I assume.

As of right now, it is 7 (possibly 8) of us going. So we will need two cars. I am volunteering to drive, for the simple fact that I think I'm a control freak, and also I feel like crap being a passenger for long periods of time. We need one other car at this point...any takers or givers or whatever it would be called? I am going to get an 8th person I think, just cause two full to the max cars are the way to go!

We also need at least one video camera. Everyone who wants to take their own pics should also bring their cameras. We need to get everyone to buy snacks because I think we should only try and stop for like maybe one major meal or something. We can load up on some pb&j sand. and chips and stuff like that. I was thinking if everyone spent like between $5-$10 on snacks, that would be a shit load of stuff for each car. Also, of course, whoever is driving, everyone else should chip in for gas. I think each time we need gas we just all chip in a few bucks and that will be good...that way it keeps the cost of the trip down for all of us.

My final suggestion is this...Each time we stop and get out of the car to check something new out. We should switch who is in what cars, that way we all get to chill...and if we only have one camera in one car, we all get our beautiful mugs on camera as well. Oh yeah, one more thing. We should bring pillows and blankets so that wherever we sleep (probably one hotel room) we can all sleep in there together and keep shit cheap, and it will just be hilarious that way all of us in one room. We should hit up a liquor store...haha get wasted in the hotel that night (or maybe we should keep this a sober, clean trip).

So now, everyone post your suggestions so we can get this shit all mapped out. I can't wait, this is gonna be so much freakin fun!

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December 02, 2004

Cheating on John

Well, I dont know if you can relate here with me kate, but I kinda feel like I'm cheating on john, and all the rest of the people on newrisedesigns here, with the whole new blog stuff thats been happening.

I must say Kate, your the only one who has stayed pretty damn loyal to newrisedesigns, i've just been dabbling here and there with the other stuff, but my heart will always be here. you know its like you can move away from your home town, but you know where you came from always!

so im psyched about seeing you guys tomorrow night! weehoooooo....and i will be even more excited if you find something to do with your two pussys so you and john can come on the trip with all of us.....

well my kneck is hurting, so im done for now i guess.

hasta la vista babies

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