August 31, 2004

The Notebook

I saw this movie called "The Notebook" recently, it was also a book I'm told. Well anyway, this movie was one of those movies that touches you, well, it touched me, so much I loved it. I am not going to say exactly what it was about just because I don't want to ruin it for someone who may not have seen it but wants to. I will just say that it revolved around these journal type notebooks.

I have also been thinking about why it is that people keep journals lately. I have a couple theories, just going by my own journals or diary experiences. I used to think that it was a way for me to get out exactly how I was feeling without actually having to share everything with someone else. I tend to be a fairly open person, but I think we all feel or think in certain ways that we don't feel comfortable sharing with others sometimes. Hence, we might write it in our journal.

When I was younger I used to always say, "I keep journals because one day when I'm old I might not be able to remember so through these journals I am able to remember my past." Well, I am reading a book right now, writen by a psychologist, Dr. Yalom, and because of some things I have read in this book I think maybe I have formed a different opinion on why exactly I as well as others keep these types of journals and such. It is a way for us to deal with the inevitability of our death. Keeping a journal is a way of immortalizing yourself, your life, your experiences, etc. These journals will keep us alive in a sense, long after we are gone.

Interesting/morbid thought huh?? Thats what happens when your alone, occupying yourself, and reading books about psychology.

Here's a quote for ya, "The unexamined life is not worth living." So true!! If you don't take the time to think about why you are who you are or why you, as well as others around you, do what you do, and how you can improve yourself, well to me thats just not living. But then again, what do I know really?

One final thing, I don't know why the heck I keep on posting things on here like there is nothing else in this world that I have to do right now. I think I need to chill out a bit here, cause its getting a little obsessive lately I am afraid.

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August 30, 2004

I want to get away...

Well, right about now, i should be driving on some highway heading down to another state to enjoy some major attractions, and do some camping amongst other things. Obviously, i am doing none of those things, but i am actually sitting at work messing around online.

So, i guess this little mini vacation just wasnt in the cards for me. Although i think i could use a vacation/just getting away for a few days more then most people i know, now just isnt the right time. Initially the trip was cancelled due to weather. Since i would be camping, and the weather reports called for rain all of the days we were to be there, well we voted to just not go at this time. It's probably best i don't go right now anyway, just because at this point i am not only in my busiest season with work, but i am also starting to work on raystock, and very late this year i might add. So anyway, the bottom line is, i just need to stay home right now.

But, i am inviting anyone i know to help me plan a trip that will take place sometime between thanksgiving and christmas. it may only be a a day up to maybe three, but we will go and see different areas and just have fun and relax. the details are not set as of yet, because this idea just popped into my head, but if anyone is up for it, let me know. and also if anyone has any suggestions as to something fun/interesting to do, let me know that as well. for those of you in school who would like to come, i think that you get a week off for like thanksgiving, so maybe then would be a good time??

Alright, well i just thought i would update everyone on why i'm still here when i said i wouldn't be. NO, i am not making up fake vacations and friends and stuff to look more interesting, stuff just didnt work out as planned as usual. i have become very much adapted to things like that though, which i dont know if thats a good thing or not?

So, anyway, lets start thinking about a cool trip, and more importantly Lets actually do it! And if no one wants to go, give me some cool ideas of things i can do myself, cause i got to get away!

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August 22, 2004

Raystock 6

Wow, so it's hard to believe that it's almost a year since the last Raystock, for everyone who has helped me out last year, and in all the years past (and you know who you are) thanks a lot! But of course, since it is that time of year again, I am again going to be needing help. First off, if there are any cover bands that anyone knows of that might be interested in playing at this years raystock, please let me know. We have plenty of original bands that want to play but we had like almost all original bands that played last year, so I thought that it might be good to throw in a few good cover bands too. Let me know what you think on that.

Alright so here is a tentative schedule of the few bands that may be on board again this year. Leeds Kin of course, although they haven't told me so, so im taking it upon myself to just say they are. Disciples of Groove have been asked and accepted, Human, Tribal Scream, and Mortal Decay, which actually wasnt going to be asked but someone else in one of the other bands took it upon themselves to ask them before i could say i needed to think about it. Yes, I definately need more bands. Which i was thinking about asking Rare Breed although they are kinda considered heavy and besides having too many original bands we also had too many heavy bands. But, they play with Leeds Kin a lot and they are good people and all, so Im sure they will end up in the lineup somewhere.

Another thing I was thinking, last year we had 14 bands play. We like to keep it at at least 10 bands. I thought maybe it might be better to start it this year at 2 instead of noon, which will cut out a few bands, but how many people actually get there at noon? and it would give us a few hours to get there and set up and everything before the first band goes on. Please people give me your opinion on that as well.

The last thing I can think of is, if everyone can just try their best to promote this thing as soon as i get the definate times and all...that would be a big help. I know there are like bulletins you can post too and stuff, but if everyone just like posted making it sound all great and stuff it might help, who's an idea, and its one somebody told me to try so im going to.

I guess thats all for now, but like I said any feedback or input or whatever that anyone might have for me feel free to give it. I am going to need all the help I can get, it is coming up very soon, and it just so happens to be like my most extremely busy time at don't be surprised if i am extremely stressed out by the time november rolls around.

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August 10, 2004

The Good News Network

After reading Kates post on Fox News, I started thinking, wouldn't it be great if we could come up with a news show (unless one already exists) that just gave you all the good news for the day. Instead of hearing all the depressing stories of loss and lies and disaster, we would hear instead storys of life, hope, love, and helping...

What if exposing people to the good that still exists could somehow have a positive affect on the world? I mean, its probably just a dream, but maybe its a possibility?? Instead of giving these people that do horrible things all sorts of attention (even if it is bad) we would totally ignore them, and just talk about the good people do in this world...

Another thing I have been seriously wanting to get involved in, is some sort of cherity. We talked on here about it last year I believe during Christmas time, but never actually did anything. I think we should. I know most of us here don't really have the money to be donating, but there has to be other things we can do. The saddest thing I heard this week, and I'm saying this to talk about the good in people and not tell another horrible story, but anyway, I saw on Oprah this little girl who had cancer, and she started this whole lemonade stand and raised money for cancer research.

Well...she recently died, like as in the past few weeks, and that made me extremely sad. But, some good came out of her being on the Oprah show and just being the type of person she was...She made so many people want to help, that little kids were setting up lemonade stands in her name, and people were donating and before she passed away she raised like over a million dollars. This little girl, who was dying, devoted what little time she had in this world to trying to help others.

Alright, so anyway, thats enough of my girly weirdness I guess, but seriously I think it's something we should all think about. I know I am...

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August 02, 2004

It's Coming!

So, I keep on promising to like scan stuff in and put it up on the website, and I know the suspense is killing the oh so many readers and loyal fans I have here, but I promise you it's coming. The best part about all of this, is the climax i have built up with all of this stuff I say I am going to scan, like pics I drew, and took and such. Then when everyone actually sees it, well I fear you will all be very disappointed.

But nevermind that for now, I made a promise to like try and add something on this site her, besides my boring words, and so I will, regardless of whether or not these things make me look even more weird or boring then I already do. So, keep your eyes open for some new things here ok.

By the way, most normal people would be like whatever and just put up pics whenever they feel like it. You may wonder why I am making such a production out of something like this. Well, if you know me any, you would understand. But if you don't heres why. not so long ago I didnt even know what a blog was, and now I am attempting to scan and put things on it that I never would have known how to do. But thanks to some very important people in my life, my boss Bob, for not only teaching me how to scan, but also paying me money so that my Financial Situation has gotten better (just in case anyone was wondering since it has been mentioned before), and to my dear friend Kate, for telling me how to put the stuff on the site after I scan it. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Oh my goodness I almost forgot to thank John, for without him I wouldnt be on the site at all.

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