July 17, 2004

So, what do you do for fun?

I'm taking a new approach with my life, and that is trying out new things, and just exploring different ideas and adventures and going places I would normally just be like nah, not today and just well, keeping myself busy. Heres a little rundown of my recent ventures.

First off, this past friday night (yesterday) Kate, Steph, and I went to New Brunswick to a little mini-film festival that was taking place on the Rutgers Campus. The main reason I wanted to go was because a good friend of mine, whom I only see about once every year or two (give or take the three years he lived in africa and whatnot), well he had a film that was going to be shown at this festival. I also had another friend of mine from college meet us there, so it was really cool cause I got to see my friends movie while visiting with a couple old friends as well. I must say, I FREAKIN LOVED THE MOVIE!!! I am making it a goal to go see all his films because this is his second one and he has done great on both so far so I'm sure I will like them all. Another reason for the trip to New Brunswick was because Kate and John are moving to the area today so I thought it would be cool to get to see their apartment.

Alright, so on to some other things I have been doing lately. I have taken this big interest in like art, like drawing and painting and things like that. the only problem with that is, I DONT HAVE AN ARTISTIC BONE IN MY BODY, unless you consider photography being artistic, and if so thats the extent of my abilities. Right now I'm working on a self portrait and I must say its like SO hilarious, and doesn't look a damn thing like me. I think I am going to try and get it all scanned when I'm done and put it online here so we can all get a nice laugh.

Finally, I am going to be working on my scrapbook/diary type things like I used to do in the past. For some reason I feel the need to put my words along with photographs in a book for someone to read in the future. I don't know if it would want to be read by anyone, but It's just something that is important to me, and for some reason I feel like it would be good to have...although I haven't figured out why yet.

Oh, I said finally when really that wasn't the last thing. The last new thing I have been doing is reading. SHOCKING RIGHT??? But yes, I haven't forgotten how to read. I am reading a book that I had gotten in college for a class and never really read the whole thing, except what I needed to in order to pass the class. I can't quite explain my thinking on this either, but it bothers me that I took so much information into my brain during my college years, and the majority of it I feel like I have forgotten. And then the other stuff I feel like I didn't take the time to really comprehend, but just crammed all the info in my head to ace the test.

So, let's see how long this whole new phase I'm going through lasts...By the way, here is some disturbing news, according to the test you can take on stephs blog, I am like severly depressed (i think that was the words) and possibly possessing bipolar tendencies. Interesting, cause I never freakin knew. But aren't we all a little bipolar sometimes?

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July 13, 2004

oh happy day

Well, in case anyone was afraid to speak to me, due to the past few depressing entries i have had, i just wanted to let everyone know the aweful mood has lifted a bit. i am still not the oh so annoyingly happy person i once used to be, but im also not quite as sad and depressed as i was these past few weeks.

so heres some awesome news, at least for me, and im sure im the only one who will care. as some may know, i am now a wedding photographer, but still new at it, so little things like this get me all warm and fuzzy inside. my first wedding for this year which was a big one, well they just got their finished album and returned their proofbook (a book with shots in it that they show to family and friends and place any extra orders in). First off, when they picked up their album they loved it. unfortunately i wasnt there when they picked it up, cause i was at another wedding, but anyway i was told they did. now, when i added up their extra orders, they placed $1,059 worth of extra orders, and YES they knew how much everything was.

heres the part that makes me the most excited, i get a percentage of that. so, for this one job, i made $190, then i got a $50 tip from the couple, and now i will get at least another $100 from the extra orders. that means for one days work (between 6-8 hrs), i will be getting at least $340. how freakin nice is that???

alright, so enough with the bragging, and seriously i dont mean to be like oh i make so much money, cause belive me it has not only been a long time coming, but it also doesnt come to me liike that every week.

one more little side note of something im kinda excited about. well we all know kate and john are moving (for those of us that know kate and john anyway). well this friday, at the college they will be attending and moving close to, which happens to be the college i graduated from :) i might be going with kate to see a friend of mines movie play at a film festival they are holding there. afterwards i will get to see kate and johns new place. now, this is only tentative as of right now, cause if kate doesnt want to go, well then i highly doubt i will drive all the way up there myself.

alright, well im out, this is a very pointless and uninteresting post, but i just felt the need to get rid of the ones i made when i was dealing with some issues that were bothering me. and don't get me wrong they are still bothering me, but im just trying my best to be happy and positive despite whatever else is going on.

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