July 13, 2004

oh happy day

Well, in case anyone was afraid to speak to me, due to the past few depressing entries i have had, i just wanted to let everyone know the aweful mood has lifted a bit. i am still not the oh so annoyingly happy person i once used to be, but im also not quite as sad and depressed as i was these past few weeks.

so heres some awesome news, at least for me, and im sure im the only one who will care. as some may know, i am now a wedding photographer, but still new at it, so little things like this get me all warm and fuzzy inside. my first wedding for this year which was a big one, well they just got their finished album and returned their proofbook (a book with shots in it that they show to family and friends and place any extra orders in). First off, when they picked up their album they loved it. unfortunately i wasnt there when they picked it up, cause i was at another wedding, but anyway i was told they did. now, when i added up their extra orders, they placed $1,059 worth of extra orders, and YES they knew how much everything was.

heres the part that makes me the most excited, i get a percentage of that. so, for this one job, i made $190, then i got a $50 tip from the couple, and now i will get at least another $100 from the extra orders. that means for one days work (between 6-8 hrs), i will be getting at least $340. how freakin nice is that???

alright, so enough with the bragging, and seriously i dont mean to be like oh i make so much money, cause belive me it has not only been a long time coming, but it also doesnt come to me liike that every week.

one more little side note of something im kinda excited about. well we all know kate and john are moving (for those of us that know kate and john anyway). well this friday, at the college they will be attending and moving close to, which happens to be the college i graduated from :) i might be going with kate to see a friend of mines movie play at a film festival they are holding there. afterwards i will get to see kate and johns new place. now, this is only tentative as of right now, cause if kate doesnt want to go, well then i highly doubt i will drive all the way up there myself.

alright, well im out, this is a very pointless and uninteresting post, but i just felt the need to get rid of the ones i made when i was dealing with some issues that were bothering me. and don't get me wrong they are still bothering me, but im just trying my best to be happy and positive despite whatever else is going on.

Posted by Angela at July 13, 2004 07:33 PM

You done good. I am still waiting for you to take a nice picture of me though, although it's not your fault they are ugly, it's simply that I take horrible pictures =P'

Anyhow, I am pretty damn sure I'll be going w/you Friday. Would you wanna cram as much crap of mine in your car as possible so after the movie we can take some things into the apartment? That is if we don't have anyone else that wants to come with.

John may want to go as well w/one of his parent's vans and pack that full of stuff too, so that we don't make a two hour trip for a 5 minute movie and a 15 minute overlook at the apartment. But he may choose not to go if he still has a lot of packing to do or if you think you'll want to stay at the film festival for a while after we watch the show. I realize you'll want to talk to your old friend. I guess he just wouldn't want to wait for you for a long while to catch up. You know how men are ;).

The only way I might say I can't go is if I find that I can't get enough packing done by the end of Thursday. So keep your fingers crossed!

Posted by: kate at July 13, 2004 09:31 PM

Alright, first things first, I recall taking some nice pictures of you, one of them being the one of you and john that was used in YOUR AUNT LYNNS B-DAY THINGY OF WHICH SOMEONE DIDNT INVITE ME, BUT SURE USED A LOT OF PHOTOS I TOOK...ok, now that I got that out of my system. Secondly, it's not that you don't or can't take nice photos, but, you always do something funny/goofy in them, so they become funny photographs.

as for the thing on friday, i hope you can come, it will be our last little fun get together sense you are moving oh so far away and i wont be able to hang out with you ever again. let me know who is going in my car and all that and how much stuff you have packed, cause my car can fit a lot of stuff but i just have to clean it out. no i wont be sitting there talking for eight hours or anything and i will find out what time and how long and all that good stuff.

Posted by: angela at July 14, 2004 08:38 AM
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