June 22, 2004

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

So Kate, upon your request I am posting something NEW up even though I have nothing to talk about really. At least nothing I necessarily feel like talking about. Which tends to make me want to talk about something OLD, maybe a topic that I have already discussed before? Lets see, I could count down the many ways that love stinks, but I think we are all aware of all of that, and at this point, who really gives a crap about love or relationships or any of that? I know I'm reaching a point where I can honestly say I almost could care less, although there are of course minor set backs here and there where i might start to care for a second, but they usually go away pretty quickly.

I could talk about how I watch way to much T.V., but thats not really the case anymore, at least I'm not addicted to a whole bunch of shows like I tend to be during the fall. Right now, the only shows I watch on a regular basis are Six Feet Under, and The Real World. The only one I refuse to miss is Six Feet Under. Which could bring me to the old post I had in which i tried to decide which show I liked better, which was Six Feet Under or Sopranos. While Sopranos was on I was loving it but desperately missing Six Feet Under, and now that Six Feet Under is on, I'm loving it, but desperately missing Sopranos, so I think it just might have to be a tie.

Lets see, what else have I discussed about on this boring blog of mine, oh Alanis, whom I still love dearly. I still would like to go see her in either July or August, oh wait I think it has to be in july, so if there are any other takers, just let me know. I'm not too into going to concerts alone. That's just weird if you ask me.

I guess the last thing I can think of which i talked about on here would be taking pictures, which I still love, and do on a very regular basis these days. I have another wedding on my own this Sat. at the Italian Bistro in Glassboro, wherever the hell that is. The one good thing i can say about my life, and it may be the ONLY good thing right now, is that I truly love my job!

Damn it, I seriously had something NEW that I was about to talk about, and it freakin left my head as quickly as it came in, damn thats pretty bad.

Something BORROWED, well lets see, I'll borrow Johns new thing which is I LOVE NEW JERSEY...I must say though, I don't really mean that statement. It's alright I guess, and I don't think that i would chose to move, but to say I like absolutely love it, well that would be like exaggerating a little. I don't hate it, and I don't necessarily know of a place that I would like better, but that could be mainly due to the fact that I'm not very well traveled.

Anyway, the something BLUE would obviously be the blog itself, i mean hello...oh wait, and it could be my mood too :( Poor me...

So there Kate, you asked for it, and im sure you regret it now...but you got it anyway.

By the way, two movies I'm very excited to see would be Farenheit 9/11 and Spider Man, anyone else interested? I hope so, cause I'm not really into going to the movies alone either.

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June 01, 2004

Sopranos vs. Six Feet Under

Alright, so I think its safe to assume that most people who watch Sopranos, are also watching Six Feet Under, at least I know I watch both. That is what led me to thinking, which of the two shows do I love more? I have been pondering over this very question for a while now, mainly because this season of the Sopranos will be coming to an end this Sunday, but the new season of Six Feet Under will be starting up next Sunday...

Although I found the thought of no more Sunday night Sopranos for a while very disturbing, the thought of Six Feet Under Sundays makes me excited in an undiscribably strange way.

So, like I said I have been pondering the question of which of the two shows I favor, and i think I have made my decision, but I could very well change my mind just as soon as I type it. Six Feet Under wins out. Why? Well, for one reason, there are far more charecters whose stories I love to follow in Six Feet Under, where often times on the Sopranos I find myself wondering who certain people even are. Besides, I just love the whole Fisher Family!!

I don't know though, see I'm starting to question my choice now. The Sopranos is so thrilling at times, like last week when they killed Adriana, which shocked the hell out of me. And thats the crazy thing about that show, no matter how much of a part of the show a character has been it doesn't make him/her any safer from being whacked. It's very unpredictable, and I LOVE that.

Alright alright, so I'm just babbling on trying to contain the excitement I feel for the end of one great show and the begining of another one. Tell me about the show you prefer and why, just cause I wanna know.

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