August 30, 2004

I want to get away...

Well, right about now, i should be driving on some highway heading down to another state to enjoy some major attractions, and do some camping amongst other things. Obviously, i am doing none of those things, but i am actually sitting at work messing around online.

So, i guess this little mini vacation just wasnt in the cards for me. Although i think i could use a vacation/just getting away for a few days more then most people i know, now just isnt the right time. Initially the trip was cancelled due to weather. Since i would be camping, and the weather reports called for rain all of the days we were to be there, well we voted to just not go at this time. It's probably best i don't go right now anyway, just because at this point i am not only in my busiest season with work, but i am also starting to work on raystock, and very late this year i might add. So anyway, the bottom line is, i just need to stay home right now.

But, i am inviting anyone i know to help me plan a trip that will take place sometime between thanksgiving and christmas. it may only be a a day up to maybe three, but we will go and see different areas and just have fun and relax. the details are not set as of yet, because this idea just popped into my head, but if anyone is up for it, let me know. and also if anyone has any suggestions as to something fun/interesting to do, let me know that as well. for those of you in school who would like to come, i think that you get a week off for like thanksgiving, so maybe then would be a good time??

Alright, well i just thought i would update everyone on why i'm still here when i said i wouldn't be. NO, i am not making up fake vacations and friends and stuff to look more interesting, stuff just didnt work out as planned as usual. i have become very much adapted to things like that though, which i dont know if thats a good thing or not?

So, anyway, lets start thinking about a cool trip, and more importantly Lets actually do it! And if no one wants to go, give me some cool ideas of things i can do myself, cause i got to get away!

Posted by Angela at August 30, 2004 11:27 AM
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