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Slightly Buzzed
John Reiser's personal blog. I discuss mostly geeky things, with a focus on planning and GIS.

Kate's Knit Storm
Kate's blog. Formerly Kate's Eye View, she renamed it Knit Storm to focus on her crafting work.

New Jersey State Atlas
A Google Maps-powered version of New Jersey's State Plan. The site also has a visualization of CTPP (Census Journey to Work) data for the state. New maps and features are added often.

NJ Street Team
Kate's page for the Etsy New Jersey Street Team. The team is a group of local NJ artists and crafters that are working together to promote their creations via the internet. is a news and discussion website for the geospatial industry in New Jersey.

Rutgers Food
John's first "real" application in Google Maps. Rutgers Food lists restaurants (casual and fine) near the Rutgers campuses.

Other Stuff



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