AOL/AIM Robots

The software below is provided as is, with no warranty.

If you are looking to chat with IM robots, click below for a directory of chat robots:

You can use this software to make chat robots that work on AOL and AIM. These chatbots act somewhat like SmarterChild and use a method for its responses known as Eliza.

These AIM robots are free to download and use.
You do need to know how to use Perl, though.
I am not responsible for the misuse of AOL robots. Use this code at your own discretion.

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    The Robots

  • Chatterbot
    the Chatterbot uses the Chatbot::Eliza module to return responses based on the user's input.
  • Gabberbot
    the Gabberbot is a robot that responds with random text pulled from a text file. You will need the Custom Responses file, and you'll of course be able to customize the bot's responses.

    Talk to my robots

    Note! If you warn/abuse the robot, you will be blocked and your screenname will be added to the blocklist, which happens to be posted online. Type "help" to the bot for assistance.

    The light next to the bot's name will be green if it is online. If it is not online, do not instant message me asking me to turn it on.

  • new rise designs bot
  • abstractionsrus bot
  • swiss genie nerd bot

    Special-Purpose Bots

  • surplus humanity bot
    Type "speak message" to this robot, and your IM will be read audibly through my computer. I can hear what you IM to this robot!

I am in no way related to AOL. AOL and AIM messenger services are probably the best IM services out there. And they have the coolest chat bots.


The AOL Robots are part of the newrisedesigns dot com network.