April 27, 2004


So, I was recently talking to a fellow Sopranos lover (as in like hours ago) about theories we had about what might happen this season, and this person actually had some interesting thoughts on what they thought might happen on the show. I only really get to talk about The Sopranos with a limited amount of people (like one, and sometimes two maybe) so I thought I would see if there are any other Soprano lovers that would want to chat about the show.

My mom watches the show with me a lot these days, and she thinks that some of the "dirty sex scenes/talk is unecessary", which I think is very funny! I tried to explain to her, that when you get a group of guys together (especially a group of mobsters) how does she really think they are going to talk? I asked her if she thought it would be more realistic if they said, "hey guys, guess what? Last night my girlfriend was performing filacio (I'm not sure how to spell that) on me and it was awesome!" She said that she didn't think that they should say it like that, but that there are some "nicer" ways that they could put things, but I think the problem is not the show, but that she just doesn't get it.

I think that the Sopranos just isnt a show for the weak bellied, sensitive type person, cause well if you are either, or all of those, your most definately going to be offended time and again.

So, anyway, instead of me sharing any of my theories, lets see if anyone else has any of their own. Or maybe just some comments on the show period, this could be FUN!

*another reason the show rocks is the fact that Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) went to Rutgers, oh yeah!

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April 13, 2004


So, I found this out a few days ago, but just now had time to spread the word, which at this point im sure everyone already knows. But, Alanis has cut all her hair off...i mean its short!!!

I'm worried, I always thought her hair like gave her her wonderful musical powers, i hope that her stuff doesn't suck now that she cut it off. i can't imagine that it will, but still...im scared.

i did hear one of her new songs, since the new hair, and it wasnt bad, but not one of my favorites, im going to keep the faith though, if i dont have faith in her...what else is there???

so, have you seen the new alanis?? are you as scared/shocked as me?

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Like Steph...if I could be Like Steph

So, you know how Steph likes to do all these surveys and then post them up for everyone to read her answers, well for some reason, i always have to read what he answers are...so i decided, why not try and be like steph, as hard as that would be, and do a survey and put it up for everyone to read. the only sad thing is, i bet NO ONE will want to read my damn answers to any kind of survey...but here goes anyway. Steph, your my freakin idol man!!!

Name:: Angle Riley
Birthdate:: 10/23/78
Age:: 25
Birthplace:: Vineland/NJ
Eldest, Middle, Youngest, Only Kid?: Eldest
Family:: yeah i have one
Pets:: none that are mine

Do you go to school:: not presently
What is your highest level achieved?: BA in Journalism and Mass Media
Religion:: ??
Do you have friends?: a few
Do you like to be lonely?: sometimes

What color are your eyes?: blue
Do you like it?: yes
What color eyes do you want?: blue
What color is your hair?: black
Do you like it?: yes for the most part
What color do you want?: i guess the color i have, i would look odd any other way
Do you dye your hair?: a girl can never reveal such things
If yes, how regularly?: ?
Do you wear glasses?: sometimes
Do you have a trademark?: ??
How tall are you?: about 5'4
What's your heritage/nationality?: irish, and who knows what else
Do you have the same hairstyle everyday?: no
Do you think you look exciting?: who the hell knows
Are you self concious?: isnt everyone at some point
Do you obsess over your looks?: not to an extremely unhealthy extent...no
Do you even care about your appearences?: of course
How long do you spend in the bathroom?: depends on the day, and what im doing..

Punk/Goth/Ghetto/Prep/Jock/Nerd/Other (list)? stereotype?: i think im a combo of a lot of things
Do you pick your nose? In secret?: i have yes...but not for fun, only cause i needed to
Do you like yourself? Life?: depends on the day
Are you liked by people?: i hope so, but you can never be so sure
Do you want to become famous?: its not like a life goal, but if i did it might be cool
Do you want to make a difference in this big world?: if i could i would try
Why?: because, i always get all warm and fuzzy inside when i hear stories of people who do great things

Which celebrities do you worship in secret?: Alanis Morrisette
Blues/Rock/Jazz/Classical/Pop/Urban/Country?: rock and pop more then anything else...but a little of everything
Are you one of those people who diss fans of a music genre you don't like?: no
Which pop princess shits you?: WTF does that mean?
Can you sing?: not hardly
Can you act?: like an ass yes
Who is your fave actor?: im not sure right now
Fave movie?: Kill Bill at the present time (just cause i\'m excited to see the new one)
Backstreet Boys or Nsync?: Nsync i guess
Good Charlotte or Blink 182?: if i have to choose then blink 182
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears?: again, if i have to pick then Britney Spears
Slayer or Black Sabbath?: Black Sabbath
The Beatles or The Monkees?: The Beatles
ABBA or the A Teens?: wtf
Guilty pleasure?: I Love the 80's (strikes back...)
The Simpsons or Family Guy?: neither
MTV... yeah or neah?: yeah

Do you have a group of friends?: i guess you could say that
How many?: depends on the group, and the day...i have a couple i guess
To an onlooker, what would your group be viewed as?: also depends on the group.
Who are you closest to?: hmm...at the present time myself
Who is your best friend?: bestfriend-less at the present time
Are any of them bad influences?: not really im not to much of a follower
Who are you in your group? The leader? The leader's bitch? The follower?: none
Are you dirty minded?: i can be
Do you have any sexual feelings towards friends?: i used to (but not a girlfriend...a guy)
Generally, how are you viewed in your group?: as the fun cool one everyone wants around...ha j/k
Do your friends know you?: no, we are friends but we dont really know eachother....seriously though, do you ever really know someone? you may think you do and then you find out you never really did

Are you single or taken?: single

Do you want to stay single?: not really...but then again, im not on the hunt or whatever...definately not looking for anyone
Why are you single?: cause i got dumped :(
Do you date around?: heck no, although i have had a few offers...but turned them down
When was the last time you have a bf/gf?: umm officially Sept. of 2003

How many exes have you had?: to many to count...i get around! j/k again
Straight/Bisexual/Homosexual?: straight

Are you bored?: sometimes
Can you play any instruments? Which ones?: NONE
Math or English?: english definately
The Arts or Sciences?: arts (i guess) cause i hate science
Technical or Creative?: creative, i suppose, cause i sure am not technical
Are you poetic?: not to much, although i do try
How many babies do you want?: dont know for sure if i want any
Do you spend most of your time on the net?: no, not most of my time, but enough
What do you think of your country's leader?: hmm...im not sure, i dont think to much of him, at least i dont think i do
Do you love me?: WTF...i never even met you how could i love you?
Why?: if i knew who you were, i could tell ya
What kind of meat do you like to eat?: i cant answer that
What's your favourite food?: hmm..probably mexican
Drink?: alcoholic-malibu bay breezes non-doesnt matter really

well, i hope everyone who read this has gotten a better idea of who i am and all that, and you dont hate me for it!

How bout you guys post your answers to these questions huh??

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April 01, 2004

To Much T.V.

Well, I think I might have a problem, so I'm going to turn to you guys to help me with this. I think I watch way to much t.v. For instance, tonight, well is Survivor All-Stars of course. Last night it was American Idol, the show where you find out who gets voted off, Tuesday night was American Idol the episode where they sing, also, One Tree Hill (which isnt back on until next week) and The Real World. Monday night, I cant seem to remember everything I watch on monday night, at least I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I know i watch The Real World Road Rules Challenge. Now, Sunday night...my most favorite night of all. On Sunday I watch The Sopranos, and then after the Sopranos, I watch the Practice, which is something new, my mom likes it, and well now I do too...Pretty much every night at 11, when I'm getting ready for bed, I watch Howard Stern. So, as you can see, many many hours of my life seems to be tied up with television these days. Don't get me wrong, if something interesting comes up, I will miss certain shows, but unfortunately, there aren't to many things that interest me more then my shows these days. So, whats the verdict...do i have a problem? Should I cut back some? Or am I normal 25 year old??? Or, if you want to let me know that I have no life, go right ahead...I can handle it.

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