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Gas Price Calculator

Ever wonder how much you could save in gasoline by making shorter trips?
You can find out by using this tool!

Example: Joe is looking for a new job. He received two job offers, Company A is 30 miles away, Company B is only 5. Company A is offering him $1,000 more per year. Is it worth it? Well, Joe can put in some information about his car and find out how much more a week it will cost to commute the 25 mile difference.

By entering two milages, the price of gasoline, and some details about your car, this tool will calculate the price difference between the two trips.

The comparison can be used to show the benefits of living closer to work, or the cost saved in visiting a local store instead of the Sprawl*Mart further down the road.

Enter some basic information to begin.

Distance to First Destination miles

You can use Google Maps to look up road distances.

Enter the one way distance. The calculator will return round-trip results.

Distance to Second Destination miles
Cost of Gasoline ($/gal) $ per gallon Modify this field to see how changes in gas prices can affect you.
Fuel Efficiency My car gets miles per gallon. If you don't know the exact amount, estimate:
  • 10 for an SUV
  • 20 for a large car
  • 25 for a small car
  • 35 for a compact
  • 60 for a hybrid
Capacity My gas tank holds gallons. Roughly the amount displayed on the pump when you fill up on empty.

Advanced Output