June 07, 2004

Chapter 3 : The F Bomb

Well I began working on this chapter back on Sunday May 30. I was beginning to go through Sopranos withdrawl that week. See there was a 2 week gap between the 12th and 13th (season finale) episodes, so I decided to make use of Comcast on demand and watch the complete 5th season of the Sopranos all over again (ultimately leading up to the series finale that aired on Sunday, June 6).

I came up with the idea for this post not only because of my love for the F bomb (and the Sopranos), but because I think alot more television/radio programs (howard stern show) would benefit so much more if they were all able to use it the way that HBO and the Sopranos can.

I kind of find it very ironic how the F word is banned from being heard on the radio and regular television yet all you have to do is walk maybe 10 feet out of your house and theres a pretty good chance that you'll be exposed to it in no time. On the other hand I do agree that children don't need to be exposed to that kind of language at an early age. So please please please, if there are any children present while you are preparing to view my latest chapter, put on a pair of headphones and/or tell them to get the F&!$ out of the room.

Now then, this chapter also serves as an ode to the Sopranos' 5th season. This show is head to head with Six Feet Under as my personal favorite television shows. I'd have to say that after watching the latest season of the Sopranos it has come out on top as my favorite show. Here's looking at an unforgettable 5th season (the darkest one yet...), the sixth and final season of the Sopranos, and alot of incredible F bombs therein.

One last thing, even if you aren't a Sopranos fan, you'll want to check this out, this is a really amusing compilation considering the way it all worked out. As usual you need Windows Media Player to watch this. Total running time is: 12 minutes and 45 seconds!!!

Warning there are 5th season spoilers contained in this video...

Here's Chapter 3 : The F Bomb.

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