January 08, 2005

Road Trip

So, I am probably going to do it like this...make a new post with all the pics I want up, in the correct order. Before I was just doing it all quick like to appease everyone for the time being. Alright, here goes...

the gang1.jpg

Awe how cute, hail hail the gangs all here.


Here we all are, still blocking traffic.


Me and Adrienne chatting it up in the car on our way to North...oops I mean central Jersey.


Kate participating in her first girl on girl kissing scene of the trip, with Adrienne.


Our first stop, some random grave stone in the middle of a parking lot, very weird.


Don't ask, cause you probably don't want to know!


Here is Rob, overwhelmed with excitement, in the fun car. I mean come on, doesnt his face say it all?

stebs car.jpg

Poor Stebs, he was sufferring from exhaustion from all the fun we were having in the "cool car", which just so happen to be my car by the way.

Actually, I'm going to take a moment to elaborate on the car situation. We had John driving one car, and me the other. Although I didn't get to drive with John obviously I observed, and also got details of the feeling going on in there. My car was the hyper, listen to 80's and early 90's music and dance and sing at the top of your lungs car, and Johns car was the car you would go in when you wanted to relax, and watch a dvd, or play a game of chess or something. So, I guess you could say we definately complimented eachother, since I would wear them out, and then John would allow them to relax while still entertaining them.

Wow, I started this like two weeks ago almost, I think maybe its time to finish it huh???

To be honest with you, I really don't feel like finishing this now....so, I'm going to post what i have now...and do the rest some other time. Sorry, I'm a slacker I guess.

Posted by Angela at January 8, 2005 06:23 PM

I'm so proud of you doing this one all on your own! Sweet shots!. I especially dig the groups, and Stebs ODing. FYI, you can change the date that shows up on here because it's like January 8th and you didn't post it until what, the 19th? Just go into the post like you're going to edit it and there's an area where you can change the date so the start date doesn't show up. That's just if you are as anal about dates as me though ;).

Posted by: kate at January 20, 2005 07:28 AM
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