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newrisedesigns dot com is the personal website of John Reiser. All material on newrisedesigns dot com is owned by John Reiser, unless otherwise noted.


There really isn't much of a purpose. I enjoy stupid CGI tricks, such as sending my cell phone text messages. I take all the silly, sometimes useful, sometimes pointless things I create and put them on the web. Considering I'm also a part-time Perl/CGI programmer, I guess it's more than just a hobby.

The site is also a repository for pictures that Kate and I take.


John Reiser. Owner of this site.
Kate Campbell Kate Campbell. The sexiest woman alive. She has two cats; one male, one female. Sometimes, she pretends they're married.
Steph Love She has an underground lair. She's Steph Love. And you'd better watch out.
Jay Kelsey Jay Kelsey loves plants... too much.
Kevin Fischer Kevin Fischer hosts a show called "Locals Only" at the college radio station.
Charles Campbell Chuck. Kate's bro. He's in a band.


If you got 'em, I'd love to hear 'em.


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